Ecce Homo

by Steven Padilla Trio

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Recorded by David McRae at Third Eye Studios, Tijeras New Mexico


released November 15, 2014

Chase E Stewart- Drums, Artwork
Celestine VI- Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Elijah Candelario- Bass
Maggie Mulkern- Violin
Totus Tuum Cantorum Men's Schola - Chant



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VTR Records Denver, Colorado

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Inner worlds, Outsider art.

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Track Name: Dark Night of the Soul
Mea Culpa
Mea Culpa
Mea maxima Culpa

Oh God
Be merciful on me a sinner
Oh God Cleanse me of my sins and have mercy on me
Oh God forgive me for I have sinned without number
Track Name: Celestine V
Wher’ed you go
Because you were here
And now
I don’t know

Tell me tell me where to go
Who to see and what to know
Tell me if there really is a plan
And what it takes to be a man

I don’t see anything
And I don’t know anything
And I don’t know you

Tell me tell me what to be
Tell me
Track Name: The Little Way
I have a memory
Of being a kid
I would sit in the sand
And watch the birds on the line

And it was all fine
I didn’t need
To be anything
To be happy

I have some dogs back home
Two in fact
And when one gets out
The other will howl
Until she comes back home

But dogs don’t always come home
Track Name: The Binding of Isaac
I don’t know how to do this
I don’t want to figure it out
I’m scared and just want to go to sleep
Maybe it’ll be gone in the morning
And I won’t have to think
I don’t do anything
Just eat and eat
And sink and sink

I’m so scared to work hard
And I don’t know why
I just sleep and hope that
Our childhood promises weren’t lies
That someone will come get me
And tell me I’m special
That I was made for so much more than this

I thought there would be more than this
But the dragons are dead
Our friends can’t save us now
No one will come around

I don’t know if I really believe
And I want to too

Maybe we don't want to be loved,
As much as understood
Track Name: Behold the Man
Of all the things
I could ever say
I don’t think I could
Let you know
How it feels to feel this way

I’m not that big
I'm not that small
A little scared
But that’s it
That’s all

We’re people, meat and bone
With blood and skin and homes
No matter where we've been
No matter where we go
Track Name: In Saecula Saeculorum
It’s time to move on
Time to get going
But it looks like our problems
Are here to stay
Don’t worry though
When we fall in love they’ll go away

When we write our song
When we finish school
Then we’ll be happy
Then we won't have to play the fool

We're all pushing our own rocks
Up our little hills
Pushing day in and day out
But I don’t want to wait

I wanna be happy now, without anything
Even with all the dragons dead
With no one coming to find us

Our problems are here to stay
With eyes that fail
And hair that greys
We’re gonna go on living either way
Track Name: Celestine VI
Hey don’t you know, that someday we will all be white as snow
Hey don’t you know that someday we’ll all have to go

But not now
Not today
I don’t want to die
so I’ll say
I’m alive I’m alive
and I’ll shout it
until it I’m not a coward

Hey I don’t know if I’ll ever be white as snow
And God knows I’m not ready to go
But I’m gonna die today or another
And I’m not gonna be a loser forever

I’m alive I’m alive
and I’m gonna live until I die
When it’s time let’s be smiling
Track Name: I Don't Think it's Ever Going to Snow Again
It’s Christmas eve again,
And my dad’s in the hospital
And I’m failing everything
I’m lying in the street
It’s time to be a man
But I’m so scared
I’m no one on my own

I’m on the rope swing
Back at Pius
With my friends
I fall in love with someone I shouldn’t
It doesn’t mean anything

I’m showing you my favorite thing
You’re my favorite thing now
But you go away
Everyone goes away

But now
I don’t have a favorite thing
Everything is a shadow
Of what it used to be
I’m a shadow of who I want to be
I don’t think I’m going to fall in love anymore
I don’t think I’ll be surprised again
I don’t think it’s going to snow anymore

I don’t know a thing
I say a lot
I try a lot
I give half an effort a lot
But I’m asking
Don’t go
I know I know something
I’m smart
I know it
I know that something means something
I want to be a man
I promise
Track Name: Dormition
God knows we weren't made for much
Just a pile of dust
Just a piece of clay
And your dogs aren't coming home

The dragons have all gone away
Your friends won't call and your love will fall
And love won't stay
And it won't snow

Oh, it won't snow

If you don't go to where it snows, then it won't snow
And I know why you've been failing,
It's because you're afraid to suffer.
And you can't love without being a lover;
You're nothing to nobody yet, so let's live.

Let's go run, let's leave at first light.
Let's go and love, let's take flight
And who cares? Let's get in a fight.

Let's get out of this martyring machine.
Let's all go find our dreams.
I don't know what I'm supposed to be, but I know its out there.
There's got to be love, there must be.
Track Name: Ave Verum Corpus
Salve, Regina, Mater misericordiæ,
vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve.
Ad te clamamus exsules filii Hevæ,
Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes
in hac lacrimarum valle.
Eia, ergo, advocata nostra, illos tuos
misericordes oculos ad nos converte;
Et Jesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui,
nobis post hoc exsilium ostende.
O clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo Maria.